Money, Money, Money

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When someone borrows money, he can agree to repay the loan and shake hands with the guy who lent him the money, or he can sign a piece of paper.  The piece of paper is a Note (often called a Promissory Note), which is just a promise to repay, like an IOU. It usually says […]

Foreign Investors Heating Up Florida Commercial Real Estate Market

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As residential and commercial property markets in Florida continue to thrive, wealthy investors are making their way into the market. The low rates of interest along with highly discounted prices are encouraging domestic buyers to seize the opportunity and purchase properties in the state. Borrowing has been a problem for those interested in purchasing Florida […]

Commercial Property Market in South Florida Recovering Slowly but Steadily

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South Florida has maintained relatively steady market fundamentals over the first quarter of 2013. The vacancy rate of office spaces fell slightly, and Broward County experienced the lowest levels at 16.1 %.  Market insiders say that local demand has finally managed to outpace supply as most of the properties were either sold or rented to […]

Number of Retail Vacancies to Reduce in New Jersey This Year

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One of the largest commercial property brokerage agencies in New Jersey, The Goldstein Group reports that improvement in leasing of retail space will continue in 2013. Chuck Lanyard, the company’s president said that the retail property market in Central and Northern New Jersey is consistently improving, but continues to remain a ‘tenants’ market’.  Opportunistic retailers […]

Sellers Market On The Horizon

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There have been plenty of indicators to suggest that the US property market this spring can be beneficial to sellers.  Forseti Real Estate Services VP of Sales Stewart Holley says “The reasons are threefold; the number of homes available for sale gets smaller, interest rates have been falling and home prices are on the rise.”  […]

Optimistic Outlook for the Real Estate Market

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It’s only February, but 2013 has shown signs that it might just be a good year for the U.S property market.  Interest rates have hit record lows while other investments continue to remain on uneven ground, urging a section of the market’s experts to believe that real estate could be a prime opportunity for investment […]

U.S Residential Real Estate Market Forecast for 2013

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The residential real estate market has been recovering well from the crisis that engulfed us these past few years.  A number of investors are still skeptical about entering the market again, but many real estate analysts believe that there are good reasons to reconsider purchasing properties in the U.S. Stewart Holley with Forseti Real Estate […]

Property Market Looks Upbeat Going Into 2013

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A joint survey conducted by PropertyShark and Point2Homes, two property search engines, showed that homebuyers, home sellers and real estate agents had more confidence in the market going into 2013.  71% cent of the survey respondents believed that property prices will either rise or remain steady this year.  Approximately 1500 real estate experts and homebuyers […]

Continuous Rise in US Real Estate Prices Met by Slip in Sales

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The sales of existing homes in the United States eased a bit towards the end of 2012, but the numbers are still higher than they were in December 2011.  The NAR (National Association of Realtors) said that the total volume of sales in 2012 was the highest recorded by the US real estate market in […]

Real Estate Market in the US Performing Well

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The residential real estate market seems to have turned  around as a National Housing Report from RE/MAX showed an impressive recovery in several parts of the nation, as home prices and sales rose consistently in every month of 2012. As of December last year, home sales increased by 3.8 per cent and the average price […]