Remarkable Year-on-Year Increase in U.S Real Estate Prices

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I believe that home prices in the United States have completed their gradual recovery from the crash of the housing market.  Evidenced by a 7.4% increase in home values in 2012 in comparison to the same period a year ago.  This increase was recorded as the most notable year-on-year rise in the past six and […]

Commercial Property Market in Florida Making Slow Recovery

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Commercial Property Market in Florida Making Slow Recovery Businesses in South Florida looking to lease, buy or rent office space will have the power while negotiating in 2013, thanks to the commercial property market’s slow recovery. Several tenants whose leases are expiring are holding out for improved deals in the same locations. Palm Beach County’s […]

Payroll Tax Hike to Considerably Slow the Growth of US Economy

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The US government has completely stayed away from rigorous austerity measures at this point of time to help the economy steer clear of recession. But at the same time, the government has to face tax hikes, a factor that will severely limit the growth of economy in 2013. As of now, there are no measures […]

Residential Real Estate Market in the US Set for Rebound

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by Stewart Holley 12/27/12 A cumulative increase of 4.3 per cent was recorded in residential real estate prices in twenty cities across the nation. The Case-Shiller/S&P Index conducted a study between October of last year and this year, and the results showed that the US real estate market is showing signs of improvement after a […]

Home Values in the United States Record Best Rates Since 2006

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Homeowners in the United States experienced the first yearly increase in their property values since 2006. Real estate prices have increased by 6 per cent on average in the entire country. Zillow Inc., a data tracking company, revealed that that home values in the US will increase by a total of $1.3 trillion and bring […]

Tick, Tock! Short Sellers Beware!

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Tick, Tock! Short Sellers Beware! Originally Posted on October 13, 2012 by Attorney Rex Russo Time is running out.  Hopefully you have already heard, but just in case you have not, the end of this year might be the cut-off for getting tax relief for your home short sale or restructured mortgage.  When a lender forgives […]

A Little About Promissory Notes

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When someone borrows money, he can agree to repay the loan and shake hands with the guy who lent him the money, or he can sign a piece of paper. The piece of paper is a Note (often called a Promissory Note), which is just a promise to repay, like an IOU. It usually says […]

Short Sale Incentives

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On several occasions I have gotten phone calls from agents with questions about disbursing short sale incentive funds at the closings.  Barring any instructions from the lender or notarized and signed instructions from the signatories on the note, the safe bet is to simply divide the funds proportionally between all the signatories.  For example if you have […]

We Must Define Our Success Starting Now

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The market seems to be improving, even if only slightly.  As such this is a prime opportunity to set ourselves up for real success in the coming months.  I am not “Successologist” but I know a thing or two about getting ahead and frequently we are our own barrier to our success. You see I […]

You Never Call Anymore…

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I thought we would take a break from posting legal and economic topics.  I found this article written by one of our speakers Stewart Holley written a few months ago. Historically the most successful businesses, regardless of the goods and services in which they are involved in, have been built and sustained by having good relationships […]