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Sellers Market On The Horizon

posted by admin on 11th March, 2013 | No Comments

There have been plenty of indicators to suggest that the US property market this spring can be beneficial to sellers.  Forseti Real Estate Services VP of Sales Stewart Holley says “The reasons are threefold; the number of homes available for sale gets smaller, interest rates have been falling and home prices are on the rise.”  Stewart also says that  “the competition for purchasers will increase in the next few months as homeowners seek quick-fire sales.”

RE/MAX LLC’s CEO, Margaret Kelly says that prices and sales have been dramatically increasing and sellers as well as buyers are re-entering the market with renewed hope of acquiring a fair deal. 2012 ended positively for the real estate market, urging experts to believe that this year will get even better.

According to Kelly, there are a few ‘smart selling rules’ that remain the same regardless of market conditions. Although home prices have increased and the number of homes for sale has reduced, Kelly says sellers still have the obligation of making their properties appealing to prospective investors. She also stressed on the importance of curb appeal, keeping the landscape neat with appealing and well-groomed plants and flowers, well-trimmed shrubs and cut grass, clean paths and sideways, well-lit entryways, etc.

Pricing is a crucial factor while selling. Kelly says that sellers must either hire the services of a broker, or conduct a market research before determining the value of their properties. She adds that the low number of homes available on the market can prove beneficial for sellers as they are likely to receive multiple offers, allowing them to choose the best and make good return on their investment.

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