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"I always learn something everytime I get a chance to take one of Barbara’s classes. She is absolutely the best teacher a title agent can have! Thanks!!! "

"I have attended many CE Seminars since 1994 and I have always looked forward to the ones Barbara would be presenting. The new online seminars are convenient, well presented, informative and priced right. And there seem to be new classes offered on a regular basis, along with the right classes needed to fulfill compliance requirements. "

"Your online courses were a perfect option for someone who can never seem to tear away to make a live seminar. Thanks for reporting my hours to the Department so quickly. It already registered and I’ve received confirmation on it. Very expedient!! "

"Great Program!!! Well done and very informative. I really enjoyed your online course – it was interesting and painless to take. "

"I wanted to thank you for your portions of the seminar (you could have done the whole thing) which was entertaining and informative. Your teaching is excellent! I bought copies of both your books, which also reflect your humor as well. I could take Barbara P. Burke classes all day! Thanks again for an enjoyable seminar!"

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