Real Estate Law Series® is proud to offer books written by Professor Barbara Burke.  Professor Burke has condensed her many years of experience as a real estate and title insurance attorney into these easy-to-read books that explain commonly used legal terms and requirements for real estate transactions.

Current Books include: The ABCs of Affiliated Business Arrangements, How to Create a Licensed Title Agency and Become a Licensed Title Agent in Florida, Understanding Title Insurance Endorsements, Understanding Mortgages and Other Security Instruments, Understanding IRS Requirements in Real Estate Transactions, and Understanding Real Property Law for Paralegals.

Understanding Real Property Law – Florida

A comprehensive review of Florida real property laws and issues, written in an easy-to-read style. Types of deeds, water rights, leasehold interests, mortgages, fraud, and more are included, in addition to step-by-step instructions how to read surveys and legal descriptions. $  149.00 (includes Tax, Shipping/Handling)

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The ABCs of Affiliated Business Arrangements – A How-To-Manual for Affiliated Settlement Service Providers, providing a comprehensive look at all types of Affiliated Business Arrangements

What are the rules, Why form an AfBA; Which type of business entity should you use; How do you create and operate an AfBA; How will your AfBA be successful and compliant. Also includes HUD’s Policy Statements, Insurance Issues, and a Securities Laws discussion. Disc includes Management and Closing Services Agreements, HUD’s Recommended AfBA Disclosure Form, revenue and expense spreadsheets, and prospective co-owner questionnaires. $196.25 [Includes Tax, Shipping/Handling]


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How To Create A Licensed Title Agency and Become A Licensed Title Agent in Florida

Florida requires all licensed title agencies to employ a licensed title agent or Florida Bar attorney. This book describes Florida’s requirements to create a licensed title agency, PLUS the steps to become a licensed title agent, including the online questions for both applications. $20.95 [includes Tax, Shipping/Handling]

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Understanding Title Insurance Endorsements

Title insurance policy endorsements vary widely throughout the country, both in language and usage. Learn about the most common endorsements and their effects on policy coverage from a former claims and underwriting counsel. $35.95 (includes Tax, Shipping/Handling)

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Understanding IRS Requirements For Real Estate Transactions

Although real estate salespersons and closing agents are not tax advisers, they encounter at least three IRS requirements when involved with real estate transactions. This book reviews the impact of the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA), the rules for Reporting Proceeds from Real Estate Transactions (Form 1099), and the rules for receiving Cash Proceeds over $10,000, when working with Sellers and Buyers of Real Property. $ 35.95 (includes Tax, Shipping/Handling)

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Understanding Mortgages and Other Security Instruments

This book is intended to assist the reader in understanding the legal issues involved with residential and commercial financing documents. It includes a review of the Promissory Note, Security Deeds, Deeds to Secure Debt, and Mortgages, and explains Typical Mortgage Terms. It also includes a discussion of Construction Loans, Mortgage Modifications, Priority Issues, and Satisfactions. It does not include in-depth discussions of federal government insurance or guaranty programs, like FHA programs, nor discussions about additional lender documents such as the Good Faith Estimate or Truth-in-Lending disclosure. $ 35.95 (includes Tax, Shipping/Handling)

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